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From Tim Jones <>
Subject making a contribution
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 18:07:50 GMT

I've come up with an implementation for doing arbitrary sorting in lucene -
it is an implementation of PriorityQueue that can sort by an arbitrary field
as well as the computed relevancy.  It is quite speedy and should be faster
than doing a sort in the appplication after getting the results back from

I thought I'd make this available to the lucene community - what is the best
way to do this?  Should it go in "Contributions", or "Sandbox"?

The meat of it for version 0.1 is four classes which subclass existing
lucene classes, and one modification to an existing lucene class to make the
constructor public so it can be subclassed.  So really what it means is
adding additional API by "jar -uf lucene.jar ..."


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