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From Andrzej Bialecki>
Subject ANN: Luke 0.4 released
Date Sun, 11 Jan 2004 22:04:51 GMT
Hello all,

I'm pleased to announce that Luke v. 0.4 has been released. Luke is a 
Lucene index browser and diagnostic tool, available under Apache 
License. Please see the following link for more details, binaries, 
sources and Java WebStart version:

Note to Java Webstart users: you should get the new version the next 
time you start Luke.

Note to others: just use Java WebStart, ok? ;-)

Changes in v. 0.4:
* Use Lucene 1.3-FINAL. The WebStart version has been changed, so that 
it uses two separate JARs - one contains Luke, the other Lucene.

* Added support for compound index format. It's also possible to change 
the format during optimization.

* visualization of the query parsing. When you change the Analyzer or 
default field, or perform a Search, you can see the QueryParser's idea 
of what the final query looks like. Suggested by Erik Hatcher.

* added functionality to view the explanation for a hit.

* bugfix for broken behavior: when selecting "Show All Docs" on the 
"Documents" view, the program would use a QueryParser, whereas it should 
simply construct a primitive TermQuery. This bug could result in 
mysterious "No Results" on the search page. Spotted by Erik Hatcher.

Thank you for your comments and contributions!

Best regards,
Andrzej Bialecki

Software Architect, System Integration Specialist
CEN/ISSS EC Workshop, ECIMF project chair
EU FP6 E-Commerce Expert/Evaluator
FreeBSD developer (

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