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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Important: Contributor License Agreement
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 17:03:32 GMT
Lucene developers:

This is important, please read this message in full.

Each Lucene developer (a person with commit access to Jakarta Lucene
CVS repository) must sign and fax in the Contributor License Agreement


"March 1st, the Infrastructure team will lock down all accounts
for which there is no CLA on file at that point.  This will be
done via an automated process as to not single anyone out."


"At a date to be determined we will have to start looking at
removing code contributed by people who have refused to send
in a CLA.  We'd rather avoid to end up in this state."

Here is a list of everyone who has (not) yet sent in their CLA:

People whose names are in bold or italics are okay.
If your name is not in italics nor bold, then you need to fax in your
CLA, or ASF will have to do what they said above.


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