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From "Mike Sawka" <>
Subject large index scalability and java 1.1 compatibility question
Date Mon, 19 Jan 2004 22:51:36 GMT
We are currently running some multi-gigabyte indexes with over 10
million documents, and the "optimize" time is starting to become a
problem.  For our largest indexes we're already seeing times of 10-20
minutes, on a fairly decent machine, which is starting to hit the
threshold of acceptability for us (and will become unbearable as the
index grows 2-10 times larger).  So I've got two questions:

   * Are there any tricks that you guys use to run large (incrementally
updatable) indexes?  I've already setup a mirroring system so I have one
index that is always searchable while the other one is incrementally
updating (and they swap periodically).

   * If not, I was going to work on some targeted patches to help with
our immediate problems (which I hope to contribute back to the source).
My question is whether Lucene is a Java 1.1 project going forward, or if
it is just in the 1.1 style for historical reasons?  I couldn't find any
guidance on the web-site or in the mailing list one way or the other.
What is the official standard for patches?  Do you guys accept non-1.1
patches, and if so what version of java should we write to?

Mike Sawka
Software Developer, Spoke Software

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