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From Thomas Krämer <>
Subject term-dokument-matrix in lucene?
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 17:29:54 GMT
Dear developpers,

i am building an extension for lucene, that integrates the user´s
query history into the retrieval process.

one idea is to implement a neural network, that adapts to the users
information need by reweighting search terms.

first, the application performs a full-text search on a metadata corpus
using lucene.

q1: how can i modify the format of lucenes output, for example,
a: adding the ranking value.
b: printing the term occurences (highlighted?)

the user then selects the apparently most interesting documents (by its
dc metadata). this second user-input should be used to adapt the neural
network weights.

q2: is it possible to
	a:  reuse / generate a lucene term-document-matrix (in order to
initialize the synapses of a nn with that matrix)
	b:  does lucene provide any interface at that level of the information
extraction process

until now, i am not entirely decided which neural network api i should
use. joone, at a first glance, seems to be quite user friendly.

thx for any hint!

thomas krämer

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