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From Simon Cozens <>
Subject Re: Language neutral index format representation
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 10:26:45 GMT
Erik Hatcher:
> Speaking of tests - are you testing Java/Perl interoperability?  For 
> example - are you testing an index created in Java is read fine by your 
> Perl API?  And vice versa?

Only ad-hoc tests. :( I started testing the index reader by copying across a
Java-created index and making sure it could read that, but now I can generate
indexes in Perl, I'm using those instead. Ideally, I will have some tests that
make sure that the two representations are identical.

> I'm jealous!  Or I guess you might say I should forget Ruby and switch 
> to Perl :)

Oh, believe me, I'd love it if I could work full-time in Ruby.

> I'm thinking more in terms of generating classes like FieldInfos and 
> SegmentInfos from an XML descriptor that represented the info here:

Sounds interesting, and not too difficult. 

The Blit is a nice terminal, but it runs emacs.

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