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From "Julien Nioche" <>
Subject suggestion for a CustomDirectory
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 14:45:20 GMT
Here is a use case :
- my Lucene application is running under W2K
- I have (just) a gigabyte RAM
- my index is quite big, let's say 1.7 Gb (with a .tis of 31Mb an a .tii of
479 Kb)

Using RAMDirectory is impossible, FSDirectory works but is quite slow.

Could it be possible to create a custom Directory which would load the
entire .tis file and create all Term objects at startup? Obviously this
would require to change a lot of objects, because the access to the Term
objects no longer needs the .tii file.
Since Term text is compressed in the tis file, creating all the Term would
require more memory than the size of the tis. However in most cases the
application would be faster because :
- tree access to the Term (this is only the case for the Terms in the .tii)
- no need to create up to 127 temporary Term objects (with creation of
Strings and so on....)
- limit garbage collecting

What do you think of this? Does it seem useful?
Would it be complicated to achieve or would it require to many changes in
the existing sources?
I had a brief look at this part of the code but I have no clear idea of how
to do it nicely. Any suggestions?


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