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From "none none" <>
Subject Re: RE : New highlighter package available
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 22:47:03 GMT
hi, may be i am confusing you with somebody else, i was talking about the code on
or .com, the original pioneer of the highlighting. 
My code it is an extension of that version.
The version on the link below (yours) i didn't test honestly, i believe you it works, SORRY
about that Mark.
May be i should set up a link for my version of the Term Collector as well :) i will do it


--------- Original Message ---------

DATE: Thu, 2 Oct 2003 19:38:10 

>Hi Korfut
>>>As for Mark works of the highlighter, it is not working with \
>>>release 1.3, due to big changes in the core, query rewrite, termenum, etc
>The Junit test that accompanies my code tests all query types just fine running with
>the version I took from CVS as of 20/9/2003.
>When you say "release 1.3" what do you mean - it hasnt been released. 
>Precisely which version are you using?
>What doesn't work?
>I'm not alone in seeing it work - I have had success stories back from others too.
>In reply to Rasik:
>>>Do you have any examples or test cases with this new code?
>Yes, there is a Junit Test you can look at (HighlightExtractorTest) plus javadoc comments
> and instructions in the accompanying highlighter.htm doc.
>Updated docs and the latest release available here:
>As the doc says, you need a recent version of Lucene (after 11th Sept 03) but given the
nightly build has 
>been broken since 2003-09-09 you (Korfut) may well be running with an old version.
>For the avoidance of doubt here is a build of the 20/9/2003 lucene version I'm using:
>If you have any problems with this or later versions please let me know.
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