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From Damian Gajda <>
Subject TermVector once again
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2003 11:42:54 GMT

My name is Damian and I am working on a University project on text
analysis. I would like to use lucene as part of this project. I have
already used it successfully in implementing search engine for my
company's product - a CMS for NGOs.

I am willing to put some work into either implementation of TermVector
support or refactoring of Dmitry Serebrennikov's solution which he
posted on the list back in 2001. I would like to ask if there is
somebody willing to help. This question especially goes to Dmitry as he
is the author of the code I would like to modify (I also wonder if there
is a newer version of this code).

The biggest problem for me is not lucene usage, but rather its
internals. I had some bad experience implementing Lucene's Directory
class for our file system mapping engine (one that works from servlet
deployed as WAR) - namely lack of interface based programming and a few
private or final methods/fields. So guys be ready for my annoying
questions :)
(BTW. I read the FAQ and tend to read the source code, but sometimes if
I don't know the design motivation it's hard for me to understand).

I don't know how this work would fit into Lucene's release schedule, but
I think that TermVector might really extend Lucene's usage and put it
into work in a lot more business apps. So if I will be accepted as a
proper developer, the best idea I think is creation of a CVS branch for
this purpose.

Off TermVector topic: Is anyone working on Maven build for Lucene? This
might be a nice idea - we moved to Maven builds lately and we're very
happy with these and our Eclipse IDE's :)

Best wishes,
Damian Gajda
Caltha Sp. j.
Warszawa 02-807
ul. Kukułki 2
tel. +48 22 643 20 20

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