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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: 1.3 release
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 18:18:59 GMT
On Thursday, September 25, 2003, at 02:07  PM, Dmitry Serebrennikov 
> Sounds good. I tried to get some progress on committing last night, 
> but I got bogged down in trying to figuire out ssh. I was just trying 
> to avoid having to type in my password with every cvs command. It 
> seems that ssh is the way to do that, but the one try I had given it 
> last night didn't work. I'll try some more today, and if I still can't 
> make it work, I'll go ahead and commit with regular password typing. 
> The instructions on the Apache site seem offuly convoluted for the 
> Windows environment, plus there is no explanation on how to proceed 
> with command line ssh client for windows. I also tried to follow the 
> Unix instructions (generating an RSA key, etc), but that didn't seem 
> to work. What is everyone's favorite way of doing this sort of thing? 
> Any practical suggestions would be appreciated.

To avoid having to type your password, you have to install authorized 
keys on the server by generating a public/private key 
pair.  I use Putty as an ssh client on Windows, but do all of my 
committing and development on Mac OS X.  I cannot really help much with 
getting things configured properly on Windows, but there is some 
software (I think its in the Putty family of executables) that you can 
use to configure this stuff.  If you still haven't solved it by 
tomorrow I'll research how I did it once upon a time and report back.

> Also, it would be great, I think, to get more test cases in place 
> before this release goes final. In particular, I'd like to see all 
> test cases run with RAMDirectory as well as an FSDirectory. I may have 
> some time to work on this next week.



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