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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Issue with Similarity and negative numbers
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 21:11:30 GMT

This would be an incompatible change that could break lots of folks. 
Also, the range of values that you represent in your one-byte float 
format is less useful to most Lucene applications.  Negative values are 
rarely used, and normalizing values to be between 0 and 1 is not always 

Can you please describe more about what you're trying to achieve?  There 
are lots of other ways of efficiently implementing date-sorted search 
results.  For example, you can add the documents to the index in 
chronological order, then use a HitFilter which collects the documents 
with the highest document id.  That is very efficient and requires no 
changes to Lucene.



Nick Smith wrote:
> Hi Luceners!
> I am misusing the document score for date sorting (I display news
> headlines in a chronological list).
> As the document score is ultimately encoded as a byte the maximum
> possible number of values is 256 minus the special value of 0
> (document not found).
> In the current implementation; all negative float values get
> rounded up to zero by Similarity.floatToByte() and the method
> Similarity.byteToFloat() returns only values in the range of
> 1 to 127 values that are greater than the decode for the
> next lower byte value.
> i.e. 
> Similarity.byteToFloat(byteVal+1) > Similarity.byteToFloat(byteVal)
> For my application having 255 possible scores from searches was better
> than 127 so....
> I have patched the Similarity class to encode negative floats into
> the negative byte values and to decode the negative byte values back
> into negative floats.
> The encoding of the positive values are unchanged by this patch.
> Could this version please be checked into CVS by someone with commit
> rights?  Or is there are a more formal procedure to submitting patches,
> say via the Bugzilla?
> Many Thanks,
> Nick Smith

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