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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Add Lucene Distribution To Mirrors
Date Thu, 11 Sep 2003 02:03:15 GMT
On Wednesday, September 10, 2003, at 05:40  AM, Otis Gospodnetic wrote:
> I think it would make sense to use version 3.0 of JavaCC, which is the
> latest version, I believe.

Ok, I'm at JavaCC 3.2 and all is now well.  JavaCC is no longer 
required to build Lucene - I've checked in changes to accommodate this.

> See also:

This issue has now been closed.

By default, the build is using the latest JavaCC.  I installed JavaCC 
in my jakarta-lucene directory and here is my file:


By putting the right Main class for JavaCC in as the 
property javacc.main.class you should be able to override which version 
of JavaCC is used.  I punted on the whole <javacc> Ant task thing and 
just took the command-line it was using (use ant -debug to see this 
from <javacc>, but I looked at Ant's source).  To do the JavaCC 
generation you now have to explicitly run the "javacc" Ant target.  I 
borrowed some pieces from the patches in issue 19468.

Let me know if anything is fishy with the build and I will take care of 
it.  There are lots of little cleanup things I'd like to do with the 
build process, but I'll wait until things stabilize from this big 

And if Jon is no longer listening, maybe I'll deal with that painful thing my own way soon :))


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