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From "Terry Steichen" <>
Subject Sorting via SearchBean (was Re: Caching filter wrapper)
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2003 03:48:39 GMT
What I believe SearchBean does is create a complete replica only of the
contents of each field (not the entire document) that is to be used as the
sort key (typically only one field, such as a date field).



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From: "Barry Kaplan" <>
To: "Lucene Developers List" <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 9:02 PM
Subject: RE: Caching filter wrapper (was Re: RE : DateFilter.Before/After)

> Doug Cutting wrote:
> >I wonder if SearchBean, or something like it, should be added to the
> >core?  This is something lots of folks ask for.  SearchBean's technique
> >can use a fair amount of memory, but most folks are not short on RAM
> >these days.  One could optimize SearchBean's sorting for integer-valued
> >fields, but that could also be done after it is added to the core.
> >
> >What do folks think about adding SearchBean to the core?  Perhaps it
> >could be merged with the existing Hits code, as a primary API for
> >accessing search results?
> >
> >Doug
> I think there could be some other optimization with the SearchBean if
> to the core in how it builds its cache. Currently it looks like the
> SearchBean will create the entire document once per sorted field needed
> the document, this could be changed. Also, if you only need one field from
> the doc it would be nice if you only read that one field from the index
> instead of building the entire document and than selecting out the one
> needed.
> -Barry
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