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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Lucene
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 16:10:24 GMT
Frank Burough wrote:
> I second Dan's suggestion. I use Lucene as part of a back-end indexing/data management
system that has no web interface. I would be glad to add my company's name to the list of
Lucene users.

 From this, and from a few other messages I've recieved, it sounds like 
a  page that lists users of Lucene with descriptions of how they use it 
would be a good thing.  However I don't see the point of distinguishing 
this from the "Powered by Lucene" page.

So my proposal is:

  1. Remove the requirement that an application must mention Lucene 
before it can be listed on the "Powered by Lucene" page.  Replace it 
with a recommendation.
  2. Change the formatting of the "Powered by Lucene" page so that each 
site can be accompanied by a description.  The size of the index(es) 
used, amount of query traffic, frequency of index updated, deployment 
hardware, etc. would be great stuff to have, or as much as folks are 
willing to provide.  Should we make this a table, or simply let sites 
reveal what they will in a paragraph?  My hunch is that the latter will 
be more practical: different sites will be willing to reveal different 
things, and a table would thus be very sparsely filled.

Any objections?


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