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From Michael Barry <>
Subject Re: Lucene [logo requirement]
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 10:49:53 GMT
Even if that isn't what Mark is proposing, I second removing (or at least
modifying) the logo requirement. I'm working on a Lucene based project for
my company.  We're going to go live with a beta shortly. I had the 
"powered by"
logo on the  search results page through dev and testing. I thought it was
going to squeak  by unnoticed  but removing it was on the last "fix-it" 
I'm trying to work  with management  to have at least some type of 
(meta tags, another  "tools" page, etc) but the graphic on the results 
page was
definetly nixed.

Doug Cutting wrote:

>>> I think you should stop insisting that the "powered by lucene" ad
>>> appears on search result pages in this manner:
>>> The management behind large-scale sites typically will not accept
>>> such advertisements on their pages. I don't agree with that but as a
>>> result the technical staff are typically forced to violate this code
>>> and using Lucene then becomes a guilty secret that the technical
>>> staff do not wish to share with the Lucene community. This means
>>> important sites do not appear on the "powered by lucene" list, which
>>> can only hurt the adoption of Lucene.
>>> If the requirement was changed to insist that sites were added to the
>>> "powered by" list I suspect we would see some more credible
>>> references appear. If these references included volumes of data and
>>> daily search volumes this would be of much greater help in "selling"
>>> Lucene.
> Mark, I'm not sure exactly what you're proposing, that we just drop 
> the requirement altogether?  That would remove any incentive for folks 
> to ever add "Powered by Lucene", no?  Maybe that would be okay, since 
> we'd get more commercial sites listed in Lucene's "powered by" page, 
> which would be a net win for Lucene.  Is that what you're proposing?  
> I could live with that.  We could make the logo not a requirement for 
> listing in our "powered by" page, but rather just a recommendation.  
> Or did you have something else in mind?
> Doug

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