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From Kelvin Tan <>
Subject RE: Lucene
Date Fri, 06 Jun 2003 06:31:07 GMT

On Thu, 5 Jun 2003 16:49:18 -0500, Armbrust, Daniel C. said:
>Maybe you should add another page (or section on the page) that is
>for people to list the names of their companies or products that are
>using lucene (with a brief description of what for), as the current
>page only shows that Lucene is used for indexing web pages, or web
>viewable things.
>I know it is being used in a lot of other places (like Eclipse, or
>anything I do with it, etc) that don't get recognition on the Lucene
>page because they just don't fit.

I tend to agree. We use Lucene to power the search in our products, and I've no 
problem appearing in the Powered page, but including the logo on our website 
and/or search result pages just to promote Lucene (via the Powered By) is a 
different matter (at least from a marketing/branding standpoint).

However, the only challenge of this approach is managing it. When the logo 
appears on search results page, it shows that the company "officially endorses" 
Lucene's usage. Without it, I can foresee possible problems of management 
denying their product uses any open-source software, that the developer who 
sent the information to the list did not have authorization to do so, yadda 
yadda ad nauseum. 


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