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From Leslie Hughes <>
Subject RE: Lucene & EJBs
Date Fri, 23 May 2003 02:04:55 GMT

An impl of a refereshing reader is discussed here but since it spawns
threads is no good for EJB land....

Read vs write locks - From my understanding, only one writer can write but
many readers can read whilst the writing is taking place. COuld be wrong on
this of course :-)

Anyway, it's not the reading that's the problem, its the writing. A Searcher
EJB is pretty trival inc. a "refreshYourReaders()" to make changes to the
index visible. Managing the update notification and reindexing in the writer
is the problem.

So, how would a JCA wrapper help things? Aren't we're just talking about a
mechanism to access an external service. In which case, lucene wouldn't be
integrated "inside" the EJB application, it would have to be an external
"server" process?  I'd have thought if this were the case, then a simple
socket/RMI solution would be easier to implement?

Final question - can you expand on your "things work as-is" comment?


(P.S. Sorry about the x-posting, thought lucene-dev might have some input on
this as well.)

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> From:	Eric Jain []
> Sent:	Thursday, May 22, 2003 11:48 PM
> To:	Lucene Users List
> Subject:	Re: Lucene & EJBs
> > When you're writing to an index, it's locked.
> Read vs. write locks...
> Anyways, having a JCA wrapper does not necessarily imply that the
> resource must support transactions; nevertheless having such support for
> Lucene would be very useful, though it is a lot of work, and to be
> honest, things also work as is.
> On the other hand not being able to use Lucene on an application server
> without walking over some specifications may be a show stopper for some
> projects, but then again I'm not part of the marketing team :-)
> --
> Eric Jain
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