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From "Lixin Meng" <>
Subject RE: Highlight Search Result
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2003 02:30:54 GMT
Thanks for the information. I am glad that I asked. If you don't mind, it
leads to more questions. :)

- I read the patch is pretty new (3/2003). Does that mean I need to use the
CVS version of the code?
- Also, in your archived email, you mentioned a Highlighter class. Is it
part of the code base now (sorry, I didn't download the CVS yet)?
- Or, is there any sample or documentation about using this new feature?
- Is there any planned date for the next release, which will make the change


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Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2003 5:42 PM
To: Lucene Developers List
Subject: Re: Highlight Search Result

there are some plan (i guess), and there are a couple of proposal already in
the mailing list.
search the dev mailing list for "term collector", you'll find a couple of
The version you are talking about ( doesn't work with
the release 1.3.


On Thu, 3 Apr 2003 16:56:14
 Lixin Meng wrote:
>When I was looking for a solution that can highlight the query terms in the
>search result, I came cross the following one.
>It sounds a good solution to me. However, to make it working, one need to
>modify Lucene source code (such as change some private declaration to
>public). I guess you guys already know about it. Just wonder if there is
>plan (or there is any procedure) to incorporate the suggestions into Lucene
>code base?
>If the answer is no, anybody knows other solution, which doesn't require
>code change, for highlighting?
>I am hesitating to make a variation out of Lucene main stream, since I will
>have to patch it everytime Lucene has an new release. After all, I just
>to use it.
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