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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: 1.3 release
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2003 21:11:25 GMT
Scott Ganyo wrote:
> I really would have liked to see this in the release as well.  We use 
> Lucene heavily in a server and have found that collection of 
> Lucene-created garbage is perhaps our biggest performance challenge.  
> Whatever happened to this patch?  It was discussed for a while back in 
> February, but it just kind of got dropped after that...

I just re-read this thread, and a complete, correct version of this was 
never submitted.  I think there was a problem with the version that 
Dmitry submitted, and he never submitted a version that fixed it.

Let's not hold up the release for things we hope might be in Lucene 
someday.  Rather let's try to get what's already been implemented and 
tested out into more folks hands.  We've had far too few releases.  If 
an important improvement or feature is added then we can always make 
another release.  It's not that hard.  So the question is, are there 
serious bugs in 1.3RC1 that were not in 1.2?  If not, if it is a clear 
improvement over 1.2, then we should release it, no?


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