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From Scott Ganyo <>
Subject Re: JavaCC
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2003 18:24:28 GMT
I like it.  That would alleviate a fairly common question/problem for 

BTW:  Perhaps a more complete way (but more complex way) would be to 
check in the JavaCC output files as you proposed.  But then do the 
necessary dependency checking between the JavaCC source and output files 
before attempting to check for the presence of JavaCC.  That way, if the 
JavaCC source files haven't been touched, the compile would work fine.  
If the JavaCC source files *have* changed, the build could check for 
JavaCC at that time and give the error if it didn't exist.  This way we 
wouldn't need to specify a separate Ant target for JavaCC.


Doug Cutting wrote:

> I wonder if we should change the way we use JavaCC so that folks who 
> don't change the query parser or standard analyzer don't have to 
> download JavaCC.
> To implement this, we could check JavaCC output files into CVS, like 
> we do Anakia output.  Then we'd add a build target (or targets) to run 
> JavaCC and generate these files.  The "compile" target would no longer 
> depend on JavaCC.
> This would make development for folks modifying the query parser or 
> standard analyzer slightly more complex.  These folks would need to 
> use a command like 'ant javacc compile' instead of simply 'ant 
> compile', but that does not seem too great a burden.
> Thoughts?
> Doug
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