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From "Bryan LaPlante" <>
Subject problem building LARM
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2003 03:21:15 GMT
Hi folks,

I am new to the lucene world and I am having fun building things with the
lucene-demo that downloaded from the site. As a side note I have built a
little tag-lib around the search features of lucene to take care of the ever
day part of implementing a search engine for the folks that are less
familiar with the Java syntax. If I can fix my problem below I would like to
share my tag-libs with the community

I want to build the LARM crawler and I am having the worst time getting it
to build successfully. Here are the steps I have completed.

OS:    WinXP
IDE:    Eclipse 2.1
JDK    1.4
Environment variables:

CLASSPATH: E:\j2sdk1.4.0\jre\lib;E:\j2sdkee1.4\lib\j2ee.jar;E:\Program
Files\Apache Group\Tomcat
4.1\webapps\luceneweb\WEB-INF\lib\lucene-1.2.jar;E:\Program Files\Apache

JAVA_HOME: E:\j2sdk1.4.0

I have download the from and placed into the
webcrawler-LARM\libs directory

I right click on the build file from within my editor and choose run ant.
The file is expanded with no problem and then I get errors
complaining that there are duplicate classes in most ever directory of the
HTTPClient package.

I opened a few of the java files in that package to see if I could determine
if there was an error in file and I don't see any, at least not apparent
onse. If anyone has an idea of what I might be missing or how I might solve
this problem, the insight would be welcome.


Bryan LaPlante

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