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From "Christoph Kiehl">
Subject Re: [PATCH] Refactoring QueryParser.jj, setLowercaseWildcardTerms()
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 12:35:44 GMT
maurits van wijland wrote:
> Hi all,
> Maybe it we should start using stemming in a different maner. Look at
> it from the perspective
> of queryexpansion. In case we store stems in a different table, we
> will not have this problem!
> So, each token in stored in the index as a term.
> Each term is stemmed with the appropriate stemmer
> Store each stem and unstemed term in a separate index.
> We could then, search using the terms entered, and firstfind all the
> terms that match the WildcardQuery. Next,you coulde use the terms
> found, and then stem them.
> From there, you retrieve all the terms related to that stem!
> Finally, search for documents with all terms retrieved.

This, might be an idea. But it would slow down everything by factor 3 if I
understand you correctly.

This problem is more complicated then I thought first. Hm, are we really the
first people on earth facing this problem? There must be a common way
solving this ;)
I tried to find out how google handles wildcard, but they seem to be


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