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From sim luc <>
Subject manipulating content of stored fields
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 14:08:32 GMT

Would it be possible to write a method which alows manipulating the content
of a stored field belonging to a document which has already been added to
the index? I'm pretty shure the answer is yes, but would the method do it's
job with a decent performance? Of cource this method shouldn't work for
fields which are indexed since their content is in the inverted index and
changing it there would take ages, or only changing it at one place would
cause a lot of confusion.
(Please correct me if i am wrong with the assumption that the values of the
fields which are stored get saved in a "non inverted" maner)

The use of such a method / my problem:
If i need to index a document which consists of a template, which has
been added to the index, and some additional content, then i would only need
to add the a document with the additional content to the index. The document
representing the template would get the id of the the new document added to
a stored field which holds all the ids of the documents which use it as a
template. If searching returns a template document then the stored field
be read and all the documents which base on the template could be found.
(btw: it's not that lucene would take to much time to add the content of the
template to the index several times. The problem is that i can't get the
of the template when i need to add the document to the index without loosing
a lot of time.)

Thanks in advance for any replys on how / where to write such a method or
an alternative solution for my problem.

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