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From Dmitry Serebrennikov <>
Subject Re: FSDirectory patch for file renaming
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 17:57:53 GMT
Matt Tucker wrote:

>Advantages to this fix:
> * Makes indexing more reliable, especially under VM's where the renameTo
>method doesn't always work.
> * Uses no additional memory or resources when File.renameTo works normally.
> * It always sucks to add workarounds to bugs in other libraries, but what
>is one to do?
> * We've run into File.renameTo issues on multiple machines and VM versions,
>but it would be good if others could confirm they've had problems as well. 
Is there a possible other disadvantage that would result in a legitimate 
error condition being ignored? For instance,
if there are multiple threads indexing, could they step on each other 
when they try to update the segments file?
Also, what VMs have you experienced these kinds of failures with?

>I'd suggest this fix as a good candidate for Lucene 1.3 unless others see
>problems with it.
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