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From ckirkendall <>
Subject Re: [LARM] Merlin and other additions
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 17:49:52 GMT
I just want to thank you converting this David. It will make it a lot
easier for some of us to contribute.  I am still going over the code,
but it looks very clean and easy to understand.

Creighton Kirkendall

On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 15:00, David Worms wrote:
> -->
> OK, here is the status.
> o distribution include source codes, binaries and maven scripts.
> o Larm is now using Merlin as a container. The reasons behind this move 
> is greater architectural flexibility and cutting edge:)
> o All services/components are well isolated, the interfaces are 
> separated from their implementations by packages.
> o The old Monitor service is split into 3 services. The Monitor service 
> itself, performing monitory task (only a small one right now). The 
> Descriptor service (basically our old Monitor stuff). Finally there is 
> a Printer service which I really want to see removed and replace by a 
> client application connecting to the larm through AltRMI. I have tried 
> to use AltRMI but lost patience. Using the version 0.7 with phoenix, I 
> know it work great and is easily embedded inside a component 
> architecture (facade pattern).
> o Cornerstone components are loaded into Merlin. Not successful with 
> AltRMI but it could be really useful if we want to use the threadpool, 
> scheduling, ..., services.
> o License and basic javadocs are included.
> o Create  a Parser service. It will be mapped around the current 
> "Tokenizer" class. Not completely sure but I think only a "parse( 
> LinkHanlder lh, Reader r )" function have to be exposed.
> o AltRMI
> o Use the Cornerstone Thread service. Will lead to many changes.
> o Use the Excalibur event service.
> David
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