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From "Curtis Seyfried" <>
Subject RE: Forrestize docs
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 18:13:06 GMT
I've been lurking and listening to these discussions. I'm just trying to
learn how to use lucene.

BUT, as to Forrest .vs. Maven .vs. whatever, here's a suggestion.

Those who want to Forrestize do so.

Those who want to Mavenize do so.

Then all of you compare your results and actually SEE what is better, or
which parts of what might be incorporated into whatever to make the best
synergistic solution.

BUT, just talking about how Treoretically F is better than M is better than
W, won't get you anywhere. You waste time, bandwidth and other people's
patience who are here to actually learn practical ways to use and devlop
applications around Lucene.

Infighting only discourages newbies. Besides, you can always discuss F .v.s
M OUTSIDE the list with eachother to your hearts content.

Just my 2 cents, no harm intended.

Curtis Seyfried

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