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From Jon Scott Stevens <>
Subject Re: Forrestize docs
Date Wed, 18 Dec 2002 17:51:43 GMT
on 2002/12/18 12:00 AM, "Nicola Ken Barozzi" <> wrote:

> Forrest is a much more advanced documentation generation system, and,
> for example, does doc validation and dead link reporting.
> We also have an automatic system that updates the site from CVS every
> hour to a test site.

Ohh...I'm creaming in my pants with these *amazing* features.

Big deal. It is easy to do doc/link validation and a better way to do it is
to use Glossaries which I doubt that Forrest does. If you don't understand
what a glossary is, take a look at how Radio Userland manages links.

Looking over the Forrest website, I can't believe you guys brought back
<link href="">. I HATE THAT. How many times have you written <a href=""> and
then had to re-type it as <link>? That was one of the primary reasons why I
wrote Anakia in the first place. Why should anyone have to learn some other
subset of HTML to get HTML?


> This is done by the build system, Forrest is the doc system.

Maven is both and, IMHO, that is what projects really need. It puts
everything in one place and makes things easy.


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