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From "Eric Isakson" <>
Subject Analyzers for various languages
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2002 16:40:32 GMT
Hi All, 

I want to volunteer to help get language modules organized into the CVS and builds.

I've been lurking on the lists here for a couple months and working with and getting familiar
with Lucene. I'm investigating the use of lucene to support our help system's fulltext search
requirements. I have to build indices for multiple languages. I just poked around the CVS
archives and found only the German, Russian and standard(English) analyzers in the core and
nothing in the sandbox. In the list archives I've found many references to folks using Lucene
for several other languages. I did find the CJKTokenizer, Dutch and French analyzers and have
put those into my tests. Is there somewhere these analyzers are organized that I might get
a hold of the sources for other languages to build into my toolset? There were a couple mentioned
that several of you appear to be using that I can't find the sources for (most notably
<>  which gives a "Cannot find
server" error). 

In order to meet the requirements for my product these are the languages I have to support:

Must Support 

Not Sure Yet 

I understand the issues that were raised about putting language modules in the core and then
not being able to support them, but it seems they have not been put anywhere. I would be willing
to try and get them into a central place that people can access them or help someone that
is already working on that. I can't commit today to being able to maintain or bugfix contributions,
but should my company adopt Lucene as our search engine (which seems likely at this point)
I'll do what I can to contribute back any fixes we make. I also have a personal interest in
the project since I've found Lucene quite interesting to be working with and I've enjoyed
learning about internationalizing java apps.

I'll volunteer to help gather and organize these somewhere if I were given committer rights
to the appropriate area and folks would be willing to send me their language modules. 

I recall some discussion about moving language modules out of the core, but I don't think
any decisions were made about where to put them (perhaps this is why they aren't in the CVS
at all). I was thinking perhaps give each language a sandbox project or create language packages
in the core build that could be enabled via settings in the file. Using the file could allow us to create a jar for each language during the core build
so folks could install just the language modules they want and if a language module starts
breaking due to changes in the core it could easily be turned off until fixes were made to
that module. I can start working on a setup like this in my local source tree next week using
the existing language modules in the core if you all think this would be a good approach.
If not, does anyone have a proposal for where these belong so we can get some movement on
getting them committed to CVS?

Eric D. Isakson        SAS Institute Inc. 
Application Developer  SAS Campus Drive 
XML Technologies       Cary, NC 27513 
(919) 531-3639 <>  

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