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From "Materna, Wolf-Dietrich (empolis B)" <>
Subject AW: getAllFieldNames diffs
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 09:14:14 GMT
[Clemens Marschner]
> > Instead of returning Object[] or Collection I would 
> > consider returning an
> > iterator. Iterators may be designed data-driven, that is, temporary
> > objects are only created when next() is called and not at the time 
> > the method is called. There are powerful frameworks like the XXL library
> > extensively use iterators to implement cursors efficiently
> >
> > Finally Iterators are supposed to be the standard mechanism 
> > to returning collections in Java, aren't they?

[Peter Mularien] 
> Your reasoning is logical, and it fits in nicely with many of 
> the existing API calls returning Enumeration.
Sorry, but I don't agree.
Iterators and enumations doesn't support serveral useful operations, for
instance get 
the number of elements. You have to loop over all elements, which is a bad
Note that iterators are suitable for very large collections of elements
all terms or documents in a index, but the number of fields is always small.
That means
you can't compare both cases. You will restrict only the benefit of your
function and make 
some things harder.

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