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From Peter Mularien <>
Subject Re: Development plans for Lucene?
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 18:29:21 GMT
Hi Peter (echo :)

Right, I know that Apache projects are built based on contributions.

I haven't come up with a detailed list of features that I, personally, 
would like to see from Lucene, maybe I can start to work on one and 
submit it to the users' list for comments and (most importantly) 

I have had Lucene on my radar for some time, and as an CIIR/UMass alum, 
contributing to the project is interesting from a personal standpoint. 
One of my big concerns when suggesting Lucene as a project to base some 
software implementation on (or to become personally involved in) is the 
fact that there has not been a lot of developer traffic on the lists.

I'm not sure why there's not a lot of immediate developer interest, but 
my guess is exactly what you've described, that a lot of people feel 
that the core API is well developed and there's nowhere else to go.

I'm not entirely convinced of that, and I'd venture to guess that if we 
were to take a poll, there are a lot of features outside of the core API 
that [potential] users would love to see implemented in the software. 
Alternatively, I know there are some great projects in the sandbox and 
contrib that would be great candidates for inclusion into Lucene proper.

I'm not advocating the Microsoft way of added features for the sake of 
added features, but having development target(s) to focus on and squash 
tends to help garner a lot more [potential] developer interest than 
having [potential] developers try to come up with new features on their 
own or not introspect and examine whether any additional improvements 
could be made to improve and/or stabilize the core engine itself.

Not trying to tickle anyone the wrong way, I just think this is a great 
project and would love to stir up some more defined and directed 
developer interest in it. Playing in a new, Java search engine is a 
project I've had on my personal list for a while... (:


Peter Carlson wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> As you know, Apache projects are based on contributions from other 
> developers.
> I think the best way to add features that you want are to make the 
> changes and submit them to the developers list. As you become more 
> active, I'm sure that someone will sponsor you for full development 
> status.
> There are lots of changes going on right now with Lucene, but the core 
> API will probably not be changing much since it has been shown to be a 
> mature, proven project. Most of the contributions right now are in the 
> lucene-sandbox area. These are additions on top of the Lucene API to 
> either extend the functionality or make it easier to access.
> Most of the questions from user are how to questions, not feature 
> requests. What functionality are specifically talking about?
> --Peter

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