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From Peter Carlson <>
Subject Re: Development plans for Lucene?
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 18:54:43 GMT
Thanks for the insight.

We welcome any suggestions.


On Wednesday, October 30, 2002, at 10:29 AM, Peter Mularien wrote:

> Hi Peter (echo :)
> Right, I know that Apache projects are built based on contributions.
> I haven't come up with a detailed list of features that I, personally, 
> would like to see from Lucene, maybe I can start to work on one and 
> submit it to the users' list for comments and (most importantly) 
> suggestions.
> I have had Lucene on my radar for some time, and as an CIIR/UMass 
> alum, contributing to the project is interesting from a personal 
> standpoint. One of my big concerns when suggesting Lucene as a project 
> to base some software implementation on (or to become personally 
> involved in) is the fact that there has not been a lot of developer 
> traffic on the lists.
> I'm not sure why there's not a lot of immediate developer interest, 
> but my guess is exactly what you've described, that a lot of people 
> feel that the core API is well developed and there's nowhere else to 
> go.
> I'm not entirely convinced of that, and I'd venture to guess that if 
> we were to take a poll, there are a lot of features outside of the 
> core API that [potential] users would love to see implemented in the 
> software. Alternatively, I know there are some great projects in the 
> sandbox and contrib that would be great candidates for inclusion into 
> Lucene proper.
> I'm not advocating the Microsoft way of added features for the sake of 
> added features, but having development target(s) to focus on and 
> squash tends to help garner a lot more [potential] developer interest 
> than having [potential] developers try to come up with new features on 
> their own or not introspect and examine whether any additional 
> improvements could be made to improve and/or stabilize the core engine 
> itself.
> Not trying to tickle anyone the wrong way, I just think this is a 
> great project and would love to stir up some more defined and directed 
> developer interest in it. Playing in a new, Java search engine is a 
> project I've had on my personal list for a while... (:
> Peter
> Peter Carlson wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> As you know, Apache projects are based on contributions from other 
>> developers.
>> I think the best way to add features that you want are to make the 
>> changes and submit them to the developers list. As you become more 
>> active, I'm sure that someone will sponsor you for full development 
>> status.
>> There are lots of changes going on right now with Lucene, but the 
>> core API will probably not be changing much since it has been shown 
>> to be a mature, proven project. Most of the contributions right now 
>> are in the lucene-sandbox area. These are additions on top of the 
>> Lucene API to either extend the functionality or make it easier to 
>> access.
>> Most of the questions from user are how to questions, not feature 
>> requests. What functionality are specifically talking about?
>> --Peter
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