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From Philip Chan <>
Subject Why does the file count in my index keep increasing?
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2002 23:07:44 GMT
Hi all,
	I always thought that the number of files in a index should be
roughly constant, (number_of_fields + 7) ^2 + a few other files.  For
example, I have 10 fields,  it should have 17 files with the extension .f1,
17 with extension .f2 and so on (for a total of 17 extensions).  
	But as I indexed more documents, the file count kept growing, as of
now, there are 38 files for each of the extensions  Anyone know why this is
happening?  Does the mergefactor play a role in this, I have it set to the
default, 10.  Thanks in advance.


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