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From "Rasik Pandey" <>
Subject Nullpointer in code
Date Thu, 12 Sep 2002 15:31:28 GMT
I am encountering a null pointer exception when executing a wild card
query search on an empty index which doesn't contain any terms  and of
course not the Term generated from the wild card query (ie the
WildCardTermEnum has an empty "actualEnum"). Please see below for what i
propose to be the fix (simple). I assume that this is sufficient or
would a change in one of the SegmentReader or TermsInfosReader classes
be more appropriate (not likely)?

I do not have access to commit this change, so if you deem that it is
necessary can you please make the modification.

Rasik Pandey

Basically in the constructor of WildCardTermEnum the constructor calls;

      setEnum(reader.terms(new Term(searchTerm.field(), pre)));
		super.setEnum(an empty termEnum); or
FilteredTermEnum.setEnum(an empty termEnum);

Then in FilteredTermnEnum:
protected void setEnum(TermEnum actualEnum) throws IOException {
        this.actualEnum = actualEnum;
        // Find the first term that matches

	!!!!!!!!the result of actualEnum.term(); is null in my
	Term term = actualEnum.term();

		!!!!!!!!!!!!the below line leads to the null
		if (termCompare(term)) 

            currentTerm = term;
        else next();

Then back in WildCardTermEnum:

final protected boolean termCompare(Term term) {
      !!!!!!!!!!!the below line should test to ensure that "term" is not
	if (field == term.field()) {
	!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!see below line for the simple
	!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!below is the changed line for the simple
	if (term != null && field == term.field()) {
          String searchText = term.text();
          if (searchText.startsWith(pre)) {
            return wildcardEquals(text, 0, searchText, preLen);
      endEnum = true;
      return false;

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