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From "Christian Schrader" <>
Subject Powered by Lucene site
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2002 14:56:12 GMT
Hi everybody,
we are pleased to announce that our price comparison service in germany uses
Lucene for some months now to present our visitors a very fast and very good
:-) search.

The search is implemented in four steps:
1. The product database is searched for the exact match or a phrasematch
2. if there is no match, an AND search is performed
3. if there is no match, an OR search is performed
4. if there is no match, an OR FUZZY search is performed
5. if there is no match, we give up and send everybody to eBay :-)

We also changed the StandardTokenizer, so that phrase like "Geforce4 MX440"
are tokenized to "Geforce" "4" "MX" "440", which gives better results on a
product database.
By the way we are very much looking forward to the feature of giving
Documents an additional weight. We would like to integrate our Product Rank,
that depends on the amount of views a product gets in a certain time, with
the search/index. Then a search for "geforce 4" could be additionally ranked
by our internal Product Rank and would present the graphics cards first,
that most visitors found interesting, kind of like googles PR.

Anyways, thanks a lot for the good work!

If you could add our site to the powered by page, we would be
very happy.
In case you are looking for a good link name, use "eVendi Preisvergleich".

Thanks, Christian

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