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From Jack Park <>
Subject Good Software/Documentation was Re: I need your advice
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2002 19:01:20 GMT

Is there any reason to believe that something along the lines of literate 
programming will play a role in bridging the gap between good software, bad 


At 11:53 AM 7/28/2002 -0700, Brian Goetz wrote:
> > 4- If I do participate, I have to eventually get to the core of it,
> > I cannot settle for supplying documentation or that sort of stuff.
>(response to the community, not just to you)
>If software engineering is ever to be taken seriously as an
>engineering discipline (like structural engineering, for example),
>we've got to ditch the collective attitude that documentation is
>something peripheral, or constitutes "settling."  This is the same
>mistake that societally causes us to pay teachers less than
>bartenders, but as an educated bunch we shouldn't be making that
>same mistake.
>(Good timing, my next article on IBM's Java Zone is a rant on the thesis
>   Good Code && Bad Documentation == Bad Code
>To respond to Tarek, open-source communities are largely meritocratic.
>You'll be able to contribute to the "core" when (a) you've
>demonstrated that you contribute worthwhile stuff, and (b) you've got
>something to contribute that is useful to the community.  Its pretty
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