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From Peter Carlson <>
Subject Re: Bug? QueryParser may not correctly interpret RangeQuery text
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2002 23:11:33 GMT
Sounds good.

I think we should have a Date format or formats and then convert them use
the DateField to the Lucene date format.

Date formats to include might be
Mm/dd/yyyy where these are all <digit> (this is very US centric but could
easily be converted for other countries)

MMM dd, yyyy (where MMM is JAN, FEB, ...)

Yyyy/mm/dd (be able to know by 4 <digit> start)


Number would be interesting if we could define a NumberField in lucene. That
is potentially pad the number to a max length (say up to a 16 digits is
supported). That way if it's just a set of digits then we could convert it
using the NumberField.

If they don't match one of the defined formats, then I think we should just
leave them as is. If we tokenize it and it produces multiple tokens then how
would the RangeQuery work?



On 6/1/02 3:54 PM, "Brian Goetz" <> wrote:

> The technical part is generally pretty easy, once we decide what we
> actually want to do.  The problem is when we don't really know
> what we want to accept.
> Lets start with coming up with a rough syntax definition of what
> constitutes an allowable range.  Numbers?  Dates?  Date formats?  

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