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From "Ralf Hettesheimer" <>
Subject Re: [Bug 8307] - WildcardQuery broken for '?' characters in query
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 14:20:50 GMT

I have to diagree, the bug is not fixed yet.
The problem here is that the bug is not in the WildcardQuery-class which the
Unit-Test checks but in the QueryParser. I have attached my version of
TestWildcard that additionally to the existing tests uses the QueryParser
and fails for any actual Lucene version.
I have looked into the QueryParser code and the problem appears to be the
differentiation between a TERM and a WILDTERM. If a term contains a question
mark it is not treated as a WILDTERM but as a TERM because the question mark
is a letter that can be part of a TERM. I have changed the definition of
TERM in my own QueryParser which I have attached too. With this version the
Unit-test works perfectly.

Another question concerning the QueryParser. I made another change to the
QueryParser (QueryParser2.jj) that allows to search for terms starting with
a wildcard. Is there any reason why Lucene does not support this by default?

Ralf Hettesheimer


Ralf Hettesheimer, Dipl.-Technoinform.               t e c m a t h  A G
Software Engineer                   Content Management Systems Division
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