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Subject RE: Call for features in next release
Date Mon, 20 May 2002 18:49:45 GMT
Here are a few others:

- Better support for hits sorted by things other than score.  An easy,
efficient case is to support results sorted by the order documents were
added to the index.  A little harder and less efficient is support for
results sorted by an arbitrary field.

- Add ability to "boost" individual documents/fields.  When a document is
indexed, a numeric "boost" value could be specified for the whole document,
and/or for individual fields.  This value would be multipled into scores for
hits on this document.  This would facilitate the implementation of things
like Google's pagerank.

- Add to FSDirectory the ability to specify where lock files live and to
disable the use of lock files altogether (for read-only media).

- Add some requested methods:
    String[] Document.getValues(String fieldName);
    String[] IndexReader.getIndexedFields();
    void Token.setPositionIncrement(int);


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