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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-lucene-sandbox/projects/appex GETTING STARTED.txt README.txt
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 17:20:29 GMT
kelvint     02/05/10 10:20:29

  Added:       projects/appex GETTING STARTED.txt README.txt
  Added simple README and GETTING STARTED docs. Hope it will ease the learning curve somewhat,
  Revision  Changes    Path
  No                   revision
  No                   revision
  1.1                  jakarta-lucene-sandbox/projects/appex/README.txt
  Index: README.txt
  This is the README file for a search framework contribution to Lucene Sandbox.
  It is an attempt at constructing a framework around the Lucene search API. 
  (Can I have a name for it?)
  3 interesting features of this framework are: 
  datasource independence - through various datasource implementations, 
  regardless of whether it is a database table, an object, a filesystem directory, 
  or a website, these can all be indexed.
  complex datasource support - complex datasources are containers for what are 
  potentially new datasources (a Zip archive, a HTML document containing links to 
  other HTML documents, a Java object which contains references to other objects 
  to be indexed, etc). The framework has basic support for complex datasources.
  pluggable file content handlers - content handlers which 'know' how to index 
  various file formats (MS Word, Zip, Tar, etc) can be easily configured via an 
  xml configuration file.

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