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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-lucene/src/java/org/apache/lucene/search
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 01:27:02 GMT
> Newbie statements like this comes up so many times over the years...think
> for about 30 seconds about how CVS works and then you will realize that that
> idea isn't possible.

here are more of my other newbie statements.  You can install a script
in loginfo which will process those checkins and send emails.  The same
script could check the file out, reformat it and check it in.  But you
say "What of the continuous loop" well the second time it reformatted
it, it would find no additional changes so it would obviously not cause
a commit.  Granted this isn't a very nice way to do it.  

A second newbie statement or easier and quite possibly safer alternative
would be to have a script run nightly that checked the sources out and
formatted and checked them back in.  The disadvantage would be the first
time it ran it would be a massive commit, but in your view this would
probably be a "needed to be done" anyhow.  I may implement this for
POI.  I currently have the docbuild running every 2 hours on one of my
servers as a background process in cron. Adding a code formatter to it
would be trivial.

Of course I'd never actually do this for Lucene because I don't care
enough to have the irrelevant philosophical and pedantic discussion with
you about what format is the CORRECT one and which settings MUST be
> Needless to say (and I run and duck for cover), if someone used Maven [1] to
> build their project, then they could run checkstyle against it very easily
> before doing a checkin.

Why Centipede has this as well.

> As far as manually goes, I look for more than code formatting mistakes. The
> whole point of sending cvs commit messages to the mailing list is for peer
> review.
> [1]

Lets not spill this over into this list shall we not?  


> -jon
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