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From Peter Carlson <>
Subject Re: Building a release
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 16:11:42 GMT
Looks like a good thing to do.

Thanks for bringing it up.


On 4/15/02 8:35 AM, "Eugene Gluzberg" <> wrote:

> I would like to suggest we use branches for all future releases after this
> one.
> Doing branches will allow us to continue development on new features when
> nessesary while keeping a code freeze on the branch.
> Most people fear branches because of conflicts. However I recently
> discovered a way of preventing unessesary conflicts by using some extra
> tags.
> I had recently read some of the chapters in a book called "Open Source
> Development with CVS" by Kark Fogel, and found some really good ways of
> managing releases and branches, etc.
> For instance whenever we would do a code freeze for a release we would:
> 1. create a tag in the code:
>    cvs tag start_1_3
> 2. create a branch in the same place:
>    cvs tag -b branch_1_3
> 3. continue new feature development on the trunk and fix bugs related to
> releases on the branch
> Whenever we need to merge the fixes from the branch to the trunch we would
> do the following:
> 1.  On the branch:
>     cvs tag merge_1_3-1
> 2. on the trunk:
>     cvs update -j start_1_3 -j branch_1_3
>    then check that the merge went ok and commit.
> Next time we do a merge from the branch to the trunk we would:
> 1. on the branch
>     cvs tag merge_1_3-2
> 2. on the trunk:
>     cvs update -j merge_1_3-1 -j branch_1_3
>    check that the merge went ok and commit.
> I did not know how to use the double tag merge until recently, which saved
> my ass from fixing conflicts all the time!
> What do you guys think?

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