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From Dmitry Serebrennikov <>
Subject Re: Lucene Sandbox now official
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2002 04:52:26 GMT
Peter Carlson wrote:

>Hi all,
>The distinction between a contribution and a project is a little fuzzy, but
>projects would be for functionality outside the scope of Lucene's current
>API, where contributions would be able to be integrated into the current API
>(i.e. Analyzers, queryParsers, ...).
Everything is most excellent! I would just suggest a different 
destinction between the projects and contributions. To my mind, a 
contribution is something that people want to make available to the 
community. It is not more than a zip file and some documentation. On the 
other hand, projects would represent active development efforts by the 
community. There would be source code, builds, releases, etc.. Over 
time, projects can either become part of Lucene (and thus be blessed 
into a "supported feature" status), or they will lose relevance and stop 
building after a while, at which point they can be moved to the 
contribution area/status until their day arrives once more.

The main goals of this would be to keep active development separate from 
"canned" contributions. Would this be helpful? When I started writing 
this, I thought so, but now I'm not that sure. Does anyone have 
experience with this kind of structure?

>Please provide feedback so we can finalize this.
>Thanks for everyone's input and patience.
>Thanks to Brian for recommending the new CVS. I think it will be great to
>get some more Lucene contributors more directly involved if they are
Yes! Thanks to Brian! I think most of us did not realize how easy it was 
to get a new repository on Jakarta and just assumed that it would be a 
huge headache.


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