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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: about my proposed patch for bug 7782
Date Sat, 13 Apr 2002 20:15:15 GMT

I just checked out the patch. Thanks for providing it.
I assume you are right about the need to call close() on TokenStream.
Have you encontered problems with the query parser before your changes?
 I'm asking because I haven't (yet).
It seems like the change is the addition of a few finally blocks and
some formatting changes.  Ah, talking about that - they make the patch
longer and harder to check by just glancing at the code.  I think the
formatting changes are sometimes in order, but it's probably better not
to mix them with code/functionality changes.  I was once reprimanded
for doing that. :)

I think the change is fine, but since it's not backwards compatible
(IOException) we should, I think, apply it only after the upcoming

Perhaps it would be good to get rid of TokenMgrException and wrap it in
ParseException at that time as well.  What do you think, people?
Subsequently we could also apply Hungarian Peter's enhancement that
allows one to speciify whether OR or AND should be used by default by
the query parser.

I hope this answers your questions.
American Peter, when do we release?  Did you get the priviledges that
you need from Geir yet?

Croatian Otis

--- "Eric D. Friedman" <> wrote:
> I just added a patch to the report for bug 7782.  It fixes the
> problem
> in QueryParser.jj where TokenStream.close() is not being called.  It
> also addresses the problem of the IOExceptions that TokenStream
> creates
> being silently ignored -- the exceptions are now sent back up to the
> user of the QueryParser.  In the current codebase there's no way for
> a user of QueryParser to know that the TokenStream blew up.
> This change obviously means that users of QueryParser need to catch
> IOException.
> What's the review procedure for contributed patches?
> Eric
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