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From Lee Mallabone <>
Subject Re: HighLighting Service
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 15:20:40 GMT
On Wed, 2002-04-10 at 15:57, Peter Carlson wrote:
> Would you like to add you code to the contributions?

Hi Peter,

Much as I'd like to, there are a couple of problems preventing me from
doing so immediately:

I make certain assumptions about the "cleanliness" of the query input
because I use a very restrictive version of the query parser. I'm not
certain these assumptions would hold in the general case.

The other problem is that all the code I've written has been on company 
time, so would require the copyright to be released before I could
contribute. I'd need to talk to my boss about this.

I'm don't know how much what I've written would be useful to the Lucene
community - I have a bunch of code that handles indexing, context
generation and highlighting of HTML documents. However, the code can
also make certain assumptions because I can guarantee that my HTML
documents will not, for example, contain masses of malformed tags and
script. Is it still worth trying to contribute a solution that's not
going to be useful to *everyone* wanting HTML searching/highlighting?


Lee Mallabone.

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