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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Action Item Vote Request
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 14:27:08 GMT

--- "Andrew C. Oliver" <> wrote:
> > It sounds like you are saying the arguments for this -1 are the
> same as
> > for the above (size and sync issue).
> > My understanding is that stuff in scratchpad would not really be
> trying
> > to remain in sync with outside code.  Isn't that so, Andrew?
> No thats not true.  And generally most projects go so far as to cause
> the build to break if scratchpad won't build "because they'll have to
> work together eventually anyway"

I wasn't clear enough.  When I said 'outside code' I meant the code
that was contributed that you want to refactor.  I wasn't referring to
the Lucene code.  It definitely needs to be in sync with the latter if
you want to be able to even compile it.  Do you intend to keep it in
sync with the original author's code updates?

> > And as for size, this would not be a pile of code, plus it would
> not be
> > in the Lucene distribution, so you would only see it if you are
> > updating your CVS repository. No?
> > 
> > Do you still give this -1?
> > If so, could you please provide some alternative ideas?
> > 
> Um the onus to come up with alternatives is on you:

I think you are mistaking me for Brian here.

> (see alternative under
> long term plans)

No voting required?  Works for me in this situation, if that is the
fair thing to do.

> Basically its this or I just go try and create a project in commons
> (which no offense, I don't have to have anyone here's approval to do
> that so I'd rather save my breath for commons if we're going there). 
> There are many downsides to this for one we'll not have the benefit
> of
> feedback from the general project (it shall just be dropped in your
> lap
> at the end).  The common's mail list is a zoo so it will be hard to
> follow.  (its time to split it but they don't know it yet).  

I agree with the above.

> I'm a bit dismayed by one thing.  You've not looked at the way its
> implemented in the projects I've pointed out.  It might address some
> of
> your concerns:
> For this effort the goal is to get this refactored QUICKLY so it can
> join the project without making a mess of CVS as things get
> refactored.

Hey, I'm pro suggested changes! :)


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