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From Brian Goetz <>
Subject Re: Build file changes
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 22:39:09 GMT
> Although, I'm not entirely 100% sure which properties belong in build.xml
> and which don't. I can see a property such as dist.dir and packages= going
> back into the build.xml because in reality, they don't need to be changed by
> the user, but others are definitely questionable. 

I could see dist.dir and packages (call this javadoc.packages, since I
could see wanting to filter on packages in other ways) going into the, since they are really modifiers as to how you want
the distribution built.  I could also see build.root going in, which would enable (for example) the source tree to live
on a read-only or shared volume.  Other build.x properties go in b.xml.  

I'd propose these rules:
 - anything having to do with the structure of the source tree goes in b.xml
 - anything having to do with the structure of the build tree goes in b.xml
 - anything having to do with resources that comes from outside the source
   tree, or the locations of where to put the build or distribution trees
   go in b.props.  
 - Anything having to do with anticipated build options (build only this
   subset of the distribution) should be controlled by flags in b.props.

> modifying the javacc.* properties to be a single property...
> the location of the file (relative or absolute). There is
> really no need to have three properties like that.

Right.  Besides, the structure of the JavaCC distribution directory
changed at one point, so with the three-property case, you'd still
have to change two properties anyway.  

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