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From "Rodrigo Reyes" <>
Subject Re: Notes on distributed searching with Lucene
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 22:26:39 GMT
Hello Mark,

> I have written up some of my experiences with creating a distributed
> with Lucene here:
> It includes some UML interaction diagrams that I found useful in
> the Lucene codebase.

 Very interesting work ! Some quick comments:

 * First, a very minor detail: your diagrams are quite big, I'd suggest
removing the stub/skel instances, for educational purpose (moreover, rmi is
supposed to make them transparent for the developer), and the anonymous
classes as well.

 * I am not sure RMI is the best way of making a distributed search engine
scalable. What about a messaging service such as JMS in order to cope with
the scalability and bottle-necking problems that come along with the index

 * I guess I roughly understand the problematics of a distibuted search
engine, but it is not clear for me what exactly is distributed in it ? I
mean, how is the data partitioned in the distributed system ? Should it be
randomly distributed (which implies sending the query to all the nodes that
host an index), or is there a possibility to distribute it according to some
rule, for example per field, or per class of document (in which case, the
query is sent to a subset of the indexing nodes only).

  I wish there were such sequence diagram for the index package as well :-)


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