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From John David Garza <>
Subject building lucene
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2002 23:47:36 GMT

I remember discussing on this list about people having problems building
lucene with a fresh source d/l.  A couple of people addressed the problem
by changing the javacc_check task in the build.xml, and that was greatly

However I noticed that some minor issues still exist.
1. When javacc_check fails, a message is given which tells users to supply
their own javacc.home property in a file in their home
directory or in the lucene directory.  However, in the build.xml, the only
property files that get included are ""

2. The javacc_check echo tells users to set their javacc.home to the
javacc location plus /bin/lib, but then, in the file the is made by appending a /lib to the given javacc.home.

I went ahead and made a couple of changes to build.xml to remedy these two
problems and would like to submit my changes:

1. Changed the include lines to include the file "" in the
lucene directory. Removed the include for ${user.home}/
I'm not sure if this is the best solution, are people using ant with their file in their home directory? Or are people just editing
the already located in the lucene directory?

2. Changed the wording for the javacc_check to let users know they only
need to supply the javacc_home location plus /bin , not /bin/lib, and to
do it in the lucene directory.

Are these changes worthy? Attached is the build.xml file with my small

John David Garza

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