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From Eric Fixler <>
Subject HitCollector: Why is it abstract?
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 22:55:38 GMT
Hi again.  I actually hadn't meant to send this may e-mails just after 
joining the list, but here goes...

I'm wondering if there's a design reason why HitCollector is an abstract 
class, rather than an interface.

BG: I am working to make a HitCollector to make it easier for me to work 
with LuceneIndexer and a Search Results encapsulation class I wrote that 
deals with searches from other sources.

While subclassing my SearchResults class I (or really, jikes) noticed 
that HitCollector is an abstract class, not an interface.  I can still 
do my LuceneSearchResults class, but I'll need to use a nested class 
instead of implementing HitCollector.  Since there's no code in 
HitCollector I was wondering if there was some reason for designating 
this abstract; performance, future plans, whatever.


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