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From Jon Scott Stevens <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-lucene build.xml
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 06:27:30 GMT
on 2/27/02 10:02 PM, "Erik Hatcher" <> wrote:

> The biggest thing Ant and all the projects that use it is STANDARDIZATION!
> One way or another, / - doesn't
> matter functionally.  The standardization has to be at a much deeper level
> than that... and somehow the Ant engine itself needs to enforce or at least
> prod these things.  For example, <property
> file="${user.home}/"/> - that almost should be *implicit* in
> Ant to do this.  Loading should almost be implicit too.
> With all the build files out there that don't follow these conventions we
> really have a mess (i.e. its difficult to pick up a source tree with a
> build.xml and build it without looking into build.xml to see what makes it
> tick).

Hmm...I'm not sure of that type of forceful standardization either...but
that is a result of some of the influence Sam Ruby has on me...:-)

>> Maybe some of you have never had to deal with autoconf/automake/aclocal.
> It
>> requires TONS of little files all over the place. :-)
> Thankfully no I haven't had to much.

I did a lot of the build system for Apache JServ...ewwww....

>> I don't see a problem with the user modifying that file either. It is
> really
>> up to them to shoot themselves in their own foot.
> Agreed.  Its not really a problem, but since you're saying they shouldn't
> modify it by convention, shouldn't Ant itself help enforce that somehow?
> Ant should almost make us do things the "right" way rather than everyone out
> there doing their own thing.

Yea, we could take a sha1 hash of the and not run it if
it doesn't pash the hash. :-)

> At least makefiles have fairly consistent conventions that are followed,
> right?

Nope. Not at all. The only thing that is somewhat consistent is the name of
the targets.

> At our local JUG next week someone is presenting briefly on Scarab...

Out of curiosity, I'm curious who that is. :-) Feel free to respond

> I can't wait to see it (I haven't yet).

Feel free to play with...

It is a runbox that is re-built from CVS head nightly.

>  Better yet, when will we see it in
> action instead of Bugzilla?!  ;)

You can install it at any point. We are currently on b4 and are about to
release b5 in the next day or so.


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